Slime Time! / Nickelodeon and the Los Angeles Rams

Social and In-Stadium AR


The Los Angeles Rams and SoFi Stadium partnered with Nickelodeon to deliver a holiday gift for NFL fans of all ages—a special slime-filled presentation of the National Football League's Christmas Day game between the Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Rams.

In addition to many special guests, the televised broadcast of the Nickelodeon NFL "Nickmas" Game featured non-stop augmented reality fun: fan-favorite characters like Patrick and Sponge Bob on the field; cannons shooting snow, presents, and slime; and a virtual Nickelodeon blimp flying throughout the stadium.

Just one more ingredient was needed to make the special event's stadium takeover complete...


Slime on Demand

In 2022, Snap partnered with the Los Angeles Rams and SoFi Stadium to do a unique Snap Camera Kit integration that allows their AR technology to be used in conjunction with a classic fan cam or "kiss cam", so that attendees can see themselves up on the massive Samsung Infinity Screen with augmented effects applied.

Putting real-time augmented effects up on one of the largest screens in the world is no small task! It requires special attention to computations and performance in the AR effects while also respecting the unique challenges associated with a live production.

Nickelodeon was looking for a real-time sliming effect that would drop buckets of virtual slime on fans both at home and in the stands. With access to Nickelodeon's slime resources—including what you might call a "slime bible" detailing dos and do-nots around the iconic goo—we began breaking down how to achieve a believable yet performant AR effect.

With a final set of real-time tests on the massive Infinity Screen a week before the holiday, we were able to deliver an infectiously funny, slime-filled experience for fans in the stadium. And, by scanning the on-screen Snapcode, fans anywhere were able to created and share their own slimed selfies.

Let the Good Slimes Roll

The success of the Slime lens during the Nickmas Day Game broadcast prompted Nickelodeon to look for ways to extend its impact. The annual Kids’ Choice Awards is another event where the green stuff flows freely, so it was a natural match for the lens.

With a refreshed look to support the Kids’ Choice Awards—and a completely rebuilt version to extend the AR slime fest to Instagram and Facebook—even more fans were able to join in on the slimy fun from the comfort of their homes and add an interactive element to their viewing experience.

The collaboration between Pretty Big Monster, the Los Angeles Rams and SoFi Stadium, and Nickelodeon brought forth exceptional fan engagement through the power of augmented reality.

By deploying a custom lens on the colossal Infinity Screen, fans were treated to a unique and slimy experience during the NFL Nickmas Game, while the subsequent expansion of the Slime lens to Instagram and Facebook for the Kids' Choice Awards broadcast further amplified the reach of the execution and allowed even more fans to partake in the excitement.