SoFi Stadium: AR Fan Engagement / Los Angeles Rams

In-Stadium Augmented Reality

Partner Up!

The Los Angeles Rams have been collaborating with Snap since 2020, when the Rams became the first NFL team to use a Snapchat AR experience to virtually allow fans to wear the team’s recently unveiled uniform. More recently, the Rams team has brought augmented reality innovation to SoFi stadium's live games, rolling out Snapchat-powered augmented reality capabilities on SoFi Stadium’s massive Infinity Screen.

The SoFi Stadium Infinity Screen is the largest video board in sports, featuring 70,000 square feet of digital LED display.

After the successful Nickmas Day Slime Time lens and in-stadium execution, Pretty Big Monster was invited back to create new AR experiences for the Rams’ fans and sponsors. Three lenses were commissioned: two for sponsors and another for the Rams special segment, The Rampede, in which the honorary team captain hypes up the crowd for the game.

"Over the years, Snap and the LA Rams have pushed the envelope of AR in sports to bring truly innovative experiences to fans.”

- Konstantinos Papamiltiadis
VP, Platform Partnerships at Snap, Inc

It’s Raining Miles

In partnership with American Airlines, Rams Rewards bonus miles were given out to a random section of the stadium. To signal which section was selected, a Rams Rewards branded blimp flew over the stadium and across the lucky row of fans, featuring parachutes representing 1,000 actual reward miles gifted to each.


Money Grab!

With the SoFi "Take It To the Bank" lens, fans were challenged to fill up their piggy bank by collecting 1,000 in virtual tokens for a chance to win a Rams VIP gameday experience. Fans loved seeing themselves grabbing coins and high value bills on the Infinity Screen.


"Gamedays at The Rams House are filled with can't miss moments on the field, in the stands, and on our screens.”

- Sarah Schuler
VP of Game Presentation and Experiential Marketing, Los Angeles Rams

Rampede! #RamsHouse

The Rampede serves as a moment to hype up Los Angeles fans and intimidate opposing teams, often led by an honorary guest. Former Rampede captains include actors Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Terry Crews.

For the 2023 Home Opener, Pretty Big Monster was asked to create a virtual on-screen structure that would serve as a speaking platform for the captain. Designed to evoke the sweeping curvilinear lines of the SoFi Stadium canopy itself, the structure also featured three rams heads that dynamically respond to the speaker's movements.

Actor and former football player Terry Crews was drafted by the Rams in 1991 and returned as the Rampede Captain for the 2023 Home Opener.

The resulting effect is a reusable, show-stopping addition to the Rampede, helping to immerse fans in the larger-than-life spectacle of a game-day experience at SoFi Stadium. The virtual ram mascots follow the captain’s gaze, snorting puffs of simulated smoke to add to the intimidation factor. Additional smoke and lighting effects also respond to the captain's movements and gestures, so that a sweeping gesture in real life will subtly move and disturb the clouds of augmented reality smoke.

The Los Angeles Rams Infinity Screen is the largest canvas Pretty Big Monster has had the privilege to work with. We eagerly anticipate more opportunities to engage live audiences on stadium-sized screens as Snap’s Camera Kit and other cross-reality technologies continue to roll out to venues.