Social AR

60% of Americans and 37% of the world’s population who are active social media users have access to Augmented Reality tech offered by social media apps, and, this year, over 40 million people in the United States will enjoy Social AR experiences in the form of Snapchat Lenses or AR Effects on Facebook and Instagram.

These AR lenses and effects place masks, 3D objects, portals, and games in the user’s camera and world to create fun, engaging, and shareable experiences. Social AR can be spread organically or combined with media spends to create a massive impact.


A key to a successful Social AR execution is remembering that, with Augmented Reality, we grant users space to exercise a significant degree of control of their experience.

At Pretty Big Monster, we work to design activations that embrace that user agency and provide room for play. Letting audiences "make it their own" sets their enthusiasm free to work hand-in-hand with your promotional efforts.

Relevant Case Studies: